CycloPsorb features the SPACE™ peptide technology, that delivers an effective dose of cyclosporine into the skin.learn more

Khalay HA™

Khalay HA™ is a breakthrough range of topical products featuring the SPACE™ peptide technology reducing fine lines and wrinkles in just 3 days.learn more

Other Projects

Convoy has several other projects in various stages of development.learn more
Khalay HA
Pipeline Projects

About Convoy™ Therapeutics

Convoy Therapeutics is a dermatology company focused on solving major unmet needs in the aesthetic and pharmaceutical markets by creating novel topical formulations that are more effective, safer, and easier to use.

Convoy’s goal is to generate groundbreaking new products by combining its proprietary family of SPACE™ peptides and formulation techniques to provide exceptional enhancement of macromolecule penetration into the skin, and to enhance the localization and retention of small molecules in the skin for extended duration of action.