Skin serves as a natural protective barrier and limits the transport of most drugs and molecules.


In treating many dermatology conditions large molecules fail to penetrate the skin, and small molecules are rapidly absorbed in the bloodstream and exhibit poor side effect profiles.


Convoy Therapeutics SPACE™ peptide platform offers a non-invasive, flexible system for use with a wide range of molecules to improve delivery and retention of molecules in the skin; creating better topical products for use in dermatology.


Convoy Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company with a product engine disrupting how diseases of the skin are treated. Convoy’s platform technology enables large and small molecules to penetrate and remain localized in the skin. The company has preclinical programs in psoriasis, eczema, acne and pigmentation, and one platform-developed asset being commercialized through partners and a second asset poised internally for clinical development.

SPACE™ peptide technology

Convoy Therapeutics SPACE™ peptide technology offers a non-invasive system that improves delivery and retention molecules in the skin

  • More effective topical treatments
  • Limited side effects
  • Improved patient compliance
  • Product life cycle extension
  • New drug delivery opportunities

This creates a major paradigm shift in the way dermatological patients are treated


Only technology for large molecule delivery into, and retention in, the skin


First safe, effective topical treatment for psoriasis
Treats the disease, not just the symptoms


First “topical filler” for reducing fine lines and wrinkles
Launch Q1 2015


Development of new therapies for eczema, acne, pigmentation, Actinic keratosis, roseacea


Convoy Therapeutics was founded in 2011, based on the proprietary Skin-Penetrating And Cell Entering (SPACE™) peptide technology invented by Professor Samir Mitragotri and his team at University of California, Santa Barbara. The company has administrative office locations in Oro Valley, AZ, and laboratories in San Diego, CA. The company has two lead programs: CycloPsorb™ (topical cyclosporine A) for psoriasis and Khalay HA™ (topical hyaluronic acid) for fine lines and wrinkles.


As a company with an innovative technology platform, partnering is a crucial element of Convoy’s growth strategy, with an intense focus on maximizing the value of its SPACE™ peptide technology and pipeline programs by working with strategic partners from multiple perspectives including: product co-development, research collaborations, and other licensing arrangements. Click here to learn more.

Meet the Team

Convoy Therapeutics is led by an experienced and comprehensive management team with more than a century of combined experience in the biomedical industry, including medical dermatology and aesthetics.

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